The Dream Comes True For Troy Caldwell

Troy Caldwell freeskiing on a powder day.

A former freestyle skier named Troy Caldwell made history when, in the 1980s, he bought a huge chunk of rugged, mountainous terrain between Alpine Meadows and Olympic Valley, a piece of property that’s been the missing link to connect the two resorts.

The Name Change, Part Three: The Resort’s New Name

Renaming a business with 70 years of history is no easy task. It’s not something anyone here at the resort had experience in, and it’s not really something that there is a standard roadmap for. While we thought it would only take us a few months to rename, it took us nearly a year from when we announced our commitment. While time-consuming, we made it a priority to capture community opinion via surveys, working groups, and one-on-one interviews.

The Name Change, Part Two: The S- Word

In 2020, we made the commitment to do something that we should have done long ago: We changed our name from Sq**w Valley to Palisades Tahoe, removing a derogatory racial slur from our resort’s title. This change was the result of local people, including both employees and community members, working in tandem with the Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada to take genuine, meaningful action. We were lucky to have the support of our parent company in this daunting undertaking, but the planning and the changes happened right here in Olympic Valley.  

The Name Change, Part One: The Washoe Tribe

The Washoe are the original inhabitants of Da ow aga (Lake Tahoe) and all the lands surrounding it. Washoe ancestral territory consists of a nuclear area with Lake Tahoe at its heart, and a peripheral area that was frequently shared with neighboring tribes. The nucleus of the ancestral territory is bordered on the west by the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the east by the Pine Nut and Virginia ranges, and stretches north to Honey Lake and south to Sonora Pass. The territory takes part of two very distinct ecosystems: the western arid Great Basin region of Nevada, and the forested Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

Your Palisades Tahoe Guide to the 4th of July in North Lake Tahoe

The 4th of July is an action-packed time in the Lake Tahoe region. From parades and drone shows to water activities on warm days, it won’t be hard to find something that piques your interest. Plus, in this guide, you’ll get some handy tips for how to have the best experience possible while practicing responsible tourism.

Skiing True To Who You Are

Skier Jamie Burge poses in Olympic Valley.

Pioneering big-mountain skier Jamie Burge has never fit into any kind of box. Here, she talks about breaking down stereotypes in her sport and coming out as her true self.

Operations Update: Season Extended Again Through May 30th, 2022

A Skier from Peter Glenn Sports at the Spring Skiing Capital

Thanks to more than seven feet of snow in April, we are announcing yet another season extension. Palisades Tahoe will once again have Lake Tahoe’s longest winter season, with a new projected closing date of May 30th, 2022. After this week, we will be moving to weekends only — that’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only until Memorial Day Weekend, at which time we will also operate on Monday.


The Palisades at Palisades Tahoe covered in a fresh blanket of snow.

Spring weather officially went back into hibernation last week: We have received more than 3 feet of snow on the upper mountain in the last 7 days. There are still some sunny days sprinkled throughout the forecast, but there’s serious snow in coming the next few days, too. We have a Winter Weather Warning from […]