Season Recap: Best Moments from Winter 23/24

Cass Jones upsidedown on Granite Peak

Every season is a season to remember, but our 74th year had its share of special moments. While it was difficult to rank them, these were 10 of our favorite things that happened in the 23/24 winter season.

Operations Update: 10 Days Left!

The Northern Lights over the resort last Friday.

We’re the only ski resort open in Lake Tahoe and there are still TEN DAYS to get your last turns in. We’re looking pretty good for the final stretch, but since it has been (and will continue to be) quite warm, we thought you’d want another update. Here’s our best guess for the end of the 23/24 season:

Operations Update: End of May Expectations

Ross Roberts welding a winch tower. Photo by Waqas Shafi.

We are nearing the end of the 23/24 season, and we know you all are eager to find out what will happen over the next few weeks. There are two things we want you to keep in mind: Temperatures are warming, and lifts are going to start to close.

Operations Update: Hours of Operation are Changing

A snowcat on the Saddle under this week's Pink Moon.

It’s getting warmer, which means we need to shift our daily operation schedule and open earlier. This is standard practice for us in the Springtime in order to have optimal snow conditions for skiing and snowboarding. Here’s what you should expect:

Tilden Wooley Qualifies for FWT25

Team Palisades Tahoe athlete Tilden Wooley is headed to the Freeride World Tour.

Men’s Snowboard athlete Tilden Wooley becomes the newest Team Palisades Tahoe alumni to qualify for the Freeride World Tour. He is one of 9 Region 2 Riders to Qualify for FWT25 following the 2024 Kirkwood IFSA Challenger this past Monday, April 1. Tilden started with Team Palisades Tahoe around the age of 10, and now this season he qualifies for FWT25 at just 21 years old.

WinterWonderGrass 2024: What To Expect

A band plays onstage at WinterWonderGrass

From April 5 to April 7, WinterWonderGrass returns to the valley for three days of bluegrass and beer. In addition to the ticketed festival, there are also some free shows around the mountain. We’ve compiled everything you need to know to help you travel safely and responsibly, from parking to transportation. We hope you have a great time!

What To Expect for Easter Weekend at Palisades Tahoe

Women wearing Easter hats at Palisades by Cushing Pond.

Get ready to hop into Easter fun at Palisades Tahoe this weekend! With awesome skiing and snowboarding, kids’ Easter egg hunts, the return of the annual Golden Egg hunt, and the Paramount+ Lodge, there’s tons to enjoy for everyone in the family. Plus, there’s shredding on the slopes as we continue to celebrate our status as the Spring Skiing Capital!

From Pup to Palisades Tahoe Patrol Dog

While some of our favorite furry friends get to lounge about the house and enjoy leisurely walks with their humans, Palisades Tahoe patrol dogs are working and training to be ready at a moment’s notice for a search and rescue on the snowy mountain peaks.

Lake Tahoe Snowpocalypse: Photos & Videos from Palisades Tahoe

The Funitel after a huge storm.

This past weekend, the Lake Tahoe region was pummeled by the biggest storm of the 2023-24 season. The storm brought more than eight feet of snow to the upper mountains at Palisades Tahoe, resulting in three consecutive closure days as resort staff worked to recover from the extreme weather event. It has been a harrowing, exciting five-day period, full of pre-storm anticipation, awe at mother nature’s power, and many sore muscles from shoveling.